How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Looking Great

To keep your outdoor furniture looking great, regular maintenance is key. Start by choosing furniture that's made from durable materials, suited for your climate. Clean them periodically with appropriate cleaners to prevent mold and mildew buildup. For wooden furniture, apply a sealant annually to protect against weather damage. When it comes to preserving stone or brick elements, consulting with experts like Masonry HQ can provide specific care tips to ensure longevity. Additionally, during off-seasons, cover your furniture or store it in a dry place to prevent damage. Remember, the right care and maintenance can dramatically extend the life and beauty of your outdoor furniture.

When you install a new Shorea outdoor furniture, it's important to spray it lightly with water to remove dust. To do a light, seasonal cleaning, use a light sprayer on the hose and dip a sponge or soft-bristled brush in a mixture of mild detergent and water. Regularly cleaning plastic, metal, resin and vinyl patio furniture is essential. Fill a bucket with hot water and soap, pick up a sponge and rub each piece gently with the sponge.

If you can't keep your furniture in a covered patio, consider buying furniture covers to protect it from the sun and rain. It's also important to check for mold and mildew when you clean your furniture and cushions. Sunscreen residue can discolor some plastics, so clean furniture with a damp cloth and mild soap solution soon after exposure. Paul Knapp, a landscaper in Davenport, Iowa, recommends specialized sites such as Coverstore or Outer for quality outdoor furniture covers in custom sizes.

To continuously maintain metal furniture, clean it and then add a layer of wax paste to all surfaces. Gayla Sessa of Missouri Table & Chair suggests using a pressure washer for cleaning sturdy outdoor furniture. The key to the longevity of wooden outdoor furniture is to start with good quality pieces made with wood that are appropriate for outdoor use. Most of these materials are subject to rust, so they are usually finished with layers of clear varnish, paint, or a durable powder coating. If a cushion is scorched or plastic furniture has spots melted by flying sparks, the best option is to replace them.

To provide shade and protection from the sun, consider using outdoor umbrellas, installing a shade cloth, or using a portable or permanent awning. To keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come, it's important to take proper care of it. Regularly clean your furniture with mild soap and water and use furniture covers when not in use. Check for mold and mildew regularly and use wax paste on metal surfaces. If you have plastic furniture that has been discolored by sunscreen residue, clean it soon after exposure.

For wooden furniture, make sure you start with good quality pieces that are appropriate for outdoor use and finish them with layers of clear varnish or paint.