Reducing Noise Pollution on Grounds: Expert Tips to Make a Difference

Noise pollution is a serious environmental hazard that can have a detrimental effect on people and the environment. It is especially prevalent in cities, where traffic noise is the main source of polluting noise. Fortunately, there are several ways that groundskeepers can reduce the amount of noise pollution on their property. One of the most effective methods for reducing noise pollution is to use sound barriers.

These barriers work by enclosing the sound source within sound-absorbing materials, such as mineral wool. This can reduce noise levels by up to 6 dB over a distance of 30 m when the acoustic barrier is full of vegetation. Additionally, a dense belt of trees and shrubs 15 to 30 m wide can reduce noise levels by 6 to 10 dB. Another way to reduce noise pollution is to plan working hours to limit the number of people on site when performing noisy tasks, such as a jackhammer or breaking concrete.

Moving workers from a high-noise job to a low-noise one can also reduce the negative effects of exposure to noise. In addition, groundskeepers should consider the noise reduction rate (NRR) when choosing hearing protection devices for workers. The NRR is a unit of measurement used to determine the effectiveness of hearing protection devices in reducing exposure to sound. A general rule of thumb is that excessive noise is considered anything that causes or exceeds 85 decibels of sound over an 8-hour period. Finally, trees act as natural noise barriers and can reduce sound levels by up to 21 dB at a distance of 100 feet.

Planting trees and shrubs around noisy areas can help reduce sound levels and create a more pleasant environment for workers and visitors alike. By following these expert tips, groundskeepers can make a real difference in reducing noise pollution on their property. Sound barriers, careful planning of working hours, selecting appropriate hearing protection devices, and planting trees and shrubs are all effective ways to reduce noise pollution and create a healthier environment.