Grounds Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Outdoor Areas Clean and Beautiful

Grounds maintenance is a broad term that encompasses the activities done to keep outdoor areas clean, beautiful, and tidy. From mowing lawns to sandblasting and weed control, maintaining grounds is an essential step in caring for your facilities. Property management agencies have a strong team of workers and specialized staff to meet any need and provide land maintenance workers with a stable and reliable employment option. Land maintenance can include activities such as trimming, fertilizing, covering, and watering plants.

It can also extend to indoor gardens, nurseries, and potted plants. A land maintenance contract allows you to plan ahead so that your land can be kept in good condition all year round. Landlords prioritize land maintenance to increase occupant morale, attract and maintain businesses, and preserve real estate investments. Maintaining the land not only allows you to make the most of it, but it also keeps your outdoor space safe and ecologically diverse all year round.

There are many different types of grounds maintenance workers employed by organizations that hire them. Landscape maintenance (or land maintenance) is the art and vocation of keeping a healthy, clean, safe, and attractive landscape, generally in a garden, patio, park, institutional environment or farm. Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) certifications are great ways to advance your career as a grounds maintenance worker. Any organization that owns a property or facility with outdoor or natural space will need some type of land maintenance.

Other facilities that commonly rely on grounds maintenance include commercial parking lots, cemeteries, and golf courses. Gardeners mow lawns, care for plants and trees, ensure snow removal, lawn care, and maintain sidewalks, parking lots, fountains, fences, maintenance equipment, and other general property assets. Grounds maintenance can also include caring for indoor areas or natural elements such as nurseries or potted plants. Grounds Care Group is recognized in the industry for its innovative and reliable garden care solutions.

Gardeners can also care for local animals (including birds, rodents, reptiles, insects, and domestic animals or pets) and create ways to attract or repel them as desired or needed.